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Why The Netherlands Are Your Ideal Country To Get Married (English blog)

The Netherlands may be a small country, but isn’t tiny at all when it comes to culture, landscapes, and music. We love to party and have a huge amount of DJ’s, for weddings as well. Also, our windmills are well known all over the world. And our knowledge of water management has helped multiple countries to fight against the water. Our tulips are exported to all the continents and who hasn’t heard of our typical wooden shoes. But nowadays, the best known export product of the Netherlands is our music, of course. We brought the world Tiesto, Hardwell, Martin Garrix and Armin van Buuren. So, when celebrating your marriage in or close to the Netherlands, it is no wonder that you are looking for the best entertainment possible. In this blog we provide tips for you to find the best possible Dutch DJ for your wedding.

Tips for you as foreign couple

For international weddings the Netherlands are located ideally. The Netherlands provide a safe haven between the United Kingdom and Germany and between Spain and France and Scandinavia. And there is always an original place for you to bring both families together for the most heart-warming  wedding. The diverse landscapes provide the perfect surroundings for your marriage, whether you want an industrial, nature, beach or castle setting. We did make a list with some of our favourite wedding locations. You can, for instance, have a look at Kasteel de HaarLandgoed MarienwaerdtLandgoed Duin en KruijtbergKasteel WijenburgFinley het witte huisGeofort HerewijnenKasteel Sterkenburg or De Kooi Bunschoten.

Wedding in the netherlands

For Dutch People/ In het Nederlands

The next message is meant for Dutch people who would like to make use of the information shared in this blog. After these few sentences the blog continues in English. If you would like to receive this information in a different language or to chat with someone who can help you in your own language, feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives.

Zoals je waarschijnlijk al hebt gemerkt is deze blog geschreven in het Engels. Het is dan ook voornamelijk bedoeld voor buitenlandse bruiden die willen trouwen in Nederland. De informatie kunt u natuurlijk ten aller tijden gebruiken, en ook voor Nederlandse vragen kunt u altijd bij ons terecht. 

Tips for picking a date

The Netherlands have a temperate maritime climate. Which means that both the summers and the winters are quite moderate. Not too warm during the summer months and not too cold in the winters. So, in theory, you could marry all year long. However, if you don’t want rain on your party you may want avoid marrying in the colder months. And even then you’re not exactly sure that the weather will be clear all day. But the most common period for weddings is between April and October. This part of the year is the time that most couples celebrate their wedding, and therefore it is harder to find an available place to marry. If you like to get married in this period it may be good to book in advance, especially if you already have one particular location in mind. But most places are more than happy to reserve a spot for you if you are not 100% certain about the date. This way you can make sure that everything is taken care of, before you confirm the booking of the wedding location.

Dutch Wedding

Arranging Music

So when you have picked out your ideal location to host your wedding party in the Netherlands there are only few things more to arrange. Have you thought of catering yet for instance? The invitations all send, and the plane tickets booked? The DJ may be the last box you need to tick off. But keep in mind that this will take some time and effort too. In the Netherlands, wedding bands are booked over a year in advance. A DJ can be booked about half a year before the event. 

When you book this early, there is time enough to arrange all the details and your favourite music. Also, you can arrange a (videocall) meeting with your DJ to get to know each other and talk through all the wishes for the party. When you are not able to book a DJ this early that is ok. But always try to be as early as possible. Find a booking agent that sets you up with a DJ, all the equipment and a spare DJ. In the extreme case that somethings happens to your DJ (unpredictable circumstances like illness or an accident) they provide you with a comparable DJ that saves the day at your party. Because you wouldn’t want anything to come between you and your wedding party, would you?

Get in contact with Dutch people

We get it, it can be tough arranging a wedding and party abroad. All these different rules and websites in foreign languages with words that you never even heard of. But arranging a marriage should be fun. In the Netherlands, there are a few websites you can visit to find an ever-growing amount of suppliers for weddings.

The most popular one would be theperfectwedding. On this site you will be able to find multiple suppliers that are checked and reviewed by their customers. And if you want to get in contact, just give us Dutch people a call. We will always help finding the best solution for your wedding, at every budget. So whatever you are looking for, don’t hesitate to have a chat and ask for some advice. The Dutch are very kind (however their English accent may suggest otherwise) and helpful. They love to think along and support your ideas at all times.

Tips for booking a DJ

Booking a dutch wedding djWe have a few more tips about booking a DJ for your wedding party, which we think are a must read. We found out the hard way that arranging a DJ can be tough and that there are a lot of things that can possibly go wrong. That’s why we suggest that you pick a DJ that has experience performing for international groups of people. That might be different to what local Dutch DJ’s are used to. 

Also you should choose a DJ with whom you can meet upfront. Not just the booker, but the DJ as well. This way you will find out whether you like him or not, whether he speaks your language and whether he has the same style and ideas about the party that you have had in your mind for so long. In the ideal situation, the DJ already knows your wedding location and knows his way around there with the people and the equipment. 

Some DJ’s and booking agencies offer the possibility to arrange a backup-DJ too. This will make sure that even when your DJ fails to perform, you are guaranteed to have a DJ at your party on your special day. When you have the chance, you should definitely come and visit your location and all the suppliers on beforehand of your wedding party. No worries, you’ll love the Netherlands and we are all keen to show you around!

There you go...

We wish you all the best of luck! With these tips, you can’t help but making this wedding the wedding you have always dreamed about. Do you still have some more questions? Our bookers and experts are always ready to answer your questions and think along with you. And of course, we are here to provide you with our broad network to help you meet the right person for your wishes. Good luck, but above all we really hope that you will enjoy it!

Wie schrijft dit?

Koen van der WeijdenHoi, ik ben Koen van der Weijden. Al ruim tien jaar hou ik mij bezig met DJ’s op bruiloften. Eerst draaide ik veel zelf, later ben ik begonnen met het boekingskantoor AllroundBruiloftDJ. 

In deze tien jaar heb ik veel gezien en meegemaakt. Ik heb zelf ongeveer 400 bruiloftfeesten mogen bijwonen, en ik hoor natuurlijk ook allerlei verhalen van mijn DJ’s. Uit al deze ervaring put ik inspiratie voor de blogs die je leest. Hopelijk hebben jullie er wat aan, veel leesplezier :-)!

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